4 Major Benefits of ELM Takadanobaba, Shinjuku

2019/06/20 ブログ

Customers who stay at ELM Takadanobaba are diverse, ranging from students of nearby colleges and language schools to mid- or long-stay business people. Their countries of origin span the world as well. As we learn from our customers' feedback, we can present the following benefits of staying at ELM Takadanobaba:

1) Convenient Location

We are located near Takadanobaba Station, where JR Line, Seibu Line, and Metro Subway converge. Most of the business districts and sightseeing spots in and around Tokyo are easily accessible by train.

2) Fast and Stable Wi-Fi

Business-standard Wi-Fi network is available anywhere in the building and helps our customers view video streaming and download contents smoothly. 

3) Kitchenette & Kitchenware

Mid- to long-stay customers from abroad sometimes crave for their home countries' cuisine. Take advantage of a small kitchenette and a whole set of cookware/kitchenware which come with each and every room.

4) Customer service in English

Feel free to send us an inquiry e-mail (in English) to ask about room availability and share with us your wants and needs. Our English-speaking staff helps you make a reservation, check in and jump-start your activities in Tokyo.

We are looking forward to serving more international customers from around the world. We hope to welcome you at ELM Takadanobaba to make our multi-national community even more diverse!